Duo Cauliflower & Carrot

Cauliflower & Carrot Soup

10 min
1 portion

1/2 cauliflower steamed
3 tablespoons of grilled pine nuts
1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
2 teaspoons of vegetables broth powder
2 cups of carrots juice
1/2 tablespoon of fresh ground ginger


In a blender, mix all the ingredients until a creamy and smooth texture.


Food yeast is an inactive form of yeast that does not cause any discomfort for people who have health problems related to yeasts as candida.

This tasty condiment is rich in ...


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Endives and Amaranth Salad with Carrots

45 min
2 serving portions


1 cup of grain of amaranth from GOGO QUINOA (https://www.gogoquinoa.com/fr/categorie-produit/grains-fr/ )
2 cups of carrots juice
3 endives
2 tablespoons of pine nuts
2 cups of chopped mushrooms into strips, suggestion: oyster mushroom, portobello and coffee
1 teaspoon of Ghee (Clarified butter)
half cauliflower
1 french shallot
1teaspoon of vegetables broth powder
2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast
125ml of cremy soja preparation (Belsoy)
½ teaspoon of salt flower (https://www.maisonorphee.com/fr/fleur-de-sel/)
Pepper to taste



1-In a saucepan, bring the carrot juice to the boil and place the amaranth and stir.

2-Cook over low heat until liquid is absorbed.

3-Let cool.


4-Steam the half cauliflower.

5-Place in the mixer.

6-Add French shallot, vegetables, nutritional yeast, salt flower, pepper and creamy soy sauce. Mix until creamy.


8.Cook the mushrooms in a frying pan with the Ghee.

9.Slice the endives.

10.In a frying pan, toast the pine nuts. Put aside.

11.For the presentation, use a round mold to tighten the amaranth.

12.Then put the endives and the mushrooms, add the sauce and sprinkle with pine nuts.

Add some germinated shoots of your choice to complement the whole.